Reasons to Choose VPS Hosting over Shared Hosting

Choosing a web-hosting service is not an easy task. The very first hard step is to select best service provider which is able to provide 24/7 assistant and quality technical support that assure the website running at all the time and the second problematic step is to decide what kind of hosting account (Shared, VPS or Dedicated) is best suitable for websites or business needs. Infect people can find a lot of hosting plans in the market and each of the plan brings advantages and disadvantages. There are two main types of hosting; people look for (1 Shared Hosting and 2 VPS hosting).
Shared web hosting is less expensive and very popular, the reason behind this with the shared hosting there are hundreds and thousands of small websites will be sharing a single, very large hard drive and perfect for those small websites which are not having a high traffic rate although this is not suitable for all the website, especially for a high traffic rate website. And the really big websites (Like a website having a thousand and millions of visitors per day with a large database) own dedicated servers, only one server for one company.
In between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, virtual private server (VPS) is the best option, less expensive than a dedicated as well as provides more freedom and resources than a shared hosting server. However we cannot compare VPS and dedicated server hosting because both servers are used at different levels like Virtual servers can be used to host a single stand website or might be group of website while a dedicated server provides full functionality and control and generally used to host enterprise level applications.
Although all hosting services are made to keep your website alive at all the time, a straightforward comparison between shared and VPS will give you clear Ideas and Reasons to Choose Dedicated Virtual Private Server hosting or VPS over Shared.
With a shared website hosting plan, a user gets a specific amount of bandwidth and space that comes with different shared hosting plans, however all the shared account run on the same physical machine. As a result Shared hosting users do not get for that they pay. On the other hand with VPS packages, users are allocated a dedicated space on to the server that ensures the server holder for reliability and also least possible down-times.
VPS are used to support a huge amount of traffic. So it is a suitable solution for medium and high traffic rate websites. VPS users get a great amount of resources and flexible memory space to ensure smooth operations for all the users. On the other hand, sudden increment in traffic rate can result into server downtime in shared website hosting plans.
You are not fully secured with a shared hosting like if any website gets blacklisted over a shared web hosting plan then the whole server will not be able to send emails until the they recover to white listed. But in VPS web hosting plan every VPS every VPS is insulated from the other, which helps in reducing risk of being affected by any attack like a DOS attack.
Operating System
A VPS provides the freedom to choose an operating system according to needs just like a dedicated server, whereas in a shared plan you just have to use the same operating system which common to all the server users.
Dedicated IP Address
Shared hosting plan doesn’t provide a dedicated IP address to its users; in the same way with a VPS every user gets a dedicated IP address. So, anyone can send all the emails from a dedicated and unique IP address.
And, there are so many other features like customization, deviated resources, server control and there are so many which leads reasons to choose a dedicated virtual private server hosting or we can say best virtual server over a shared web hosting or server.

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